Our Guest Services department has compiled this information to ensure an enjoyable experience for you and your guests at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha. Please take a moment to view all of the amenities and services that TD Ameritrade Park Omaha offers. 


General Tips

Arrive early. During all events, guests have to go through security screening which may include: visual searches, bag checks or pat downs with the possible use of metal detectors.

View and print out our Directions/Parking information. TD Ameritrade Park Omaha has 5,000 parking spaces that are available within a 7-10 minute walk of the facility.


Guest Services Locations

Guest Services is located on the Concourse Level by Section 113 and is designed to provide information to guests with questions, concerns or issues during TD Ameritrade Park Omaha events. In addition, Guest Services provides assistance to guests with disabilities and/or special needs.


Ticket On-Sale Procedures - College World Series

If twelve or more guests are at the Box Office waiting to purchase tickets at the time of the initial box office on-sale, a lottery will be held to form the line.

The lottery system has been in place since TD Ameritrade Park Omaha first opened to provide the fairest ticket sales process possible to all guests. By removing the incentive for guests to arrive early, the lottery saves guests time and significantly decreases the chance for scalpers to be the first in line. Scalpers have historically paid people to arrive hours before a sale in order to ensure a space at the front of the line.

Thirty minutes before tickets go on sale, each person, over the age of sixteen, in line will be assigned a number. That number will also be put into a box. A Team Member will then randomly draw a number from the box.

The person holding that number becomes the first person in line. The remaining guests will fall in line behind according to their number. For example, if number 5 is drawn, the person assigned number 5 becomes the first in line, followed by the persons assigned 6, 7, 8, and so forth. This continues until the highest number orginally handed out is reached. After that, the person assigned number 1 will join the line, followed by the remaining people in the order of the numbers they are holding with the person having number 4 becoming the last in line.

Anyone who arrives after the lottery numbers are handed out would join the line behind the last person holding a lottery number.


Comments and Suggestions

TD Ameritrade Park Omaha welcomes all comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact our Guest Services department by submitting a message on our Contact Us page.


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